We’ve been selected as a ‘recommended interior designer’ by designer homeware brand, PAD Lifestyle!

At Lotus Interior Design, we have created beautiful, timeless interior design schemes for homeowners across the Midlands. And after all the hard work, it’s wonderful to be recognised within the community as a top interior designer. Which is why we’re proud to announce that Lotus Interior Design has been selected to feature in PAD Lifestyle’s ‘Recommended Interior Designers’ list. PAD Lifestyle is a stockist of beautifully unique furniture, homeware, art, fashion and lifestyle items, showcasing some of the most in-demand and underground brands from across the world. As a brand with a passion for all things colour, pattern and texture, the essence of PAD Lifestyle certainly matches our aesthetic and desire to make a space stylish and practical. And we loved hearing what the team at PAD Lifestyle had to say about us: “It’s clear that Deborah at Lotus Interior Design is a master of her craft. “A home should be an extension of your personality. And, as seen through her wonderful reviews, her experienced use of colour and texture helps create a space that perfectly reflects the homeowner’s preferences. “Her designs bring excitement to rooms across the home but ensure that each space works practically for the needs of the homeowner. “This is why we’re proud to include Lotus Interior Design in the PAD Lifestyle Recommended Interior Designers list”.