A selection of other designs and concepts that I have been playing around with...

A new approach to mood boards

I have made a new discovery on the Instagram page of the online design program that I use. I can also use it to create flat lay mood boards by pulling together textures, art and accessories and then using the 3D rendering tool to create some interesting effects. So I decided to have a go and I am pleased with my first attempt. This is a really nice and effective way of arranging swatches, colours and textures to create something more interesting than flat images on a powerpoint! I will definitely be doing this again!

Projects and Practice for my Diploma

Mood board for my new living room.

This uses the new Colour (Epoch) and Wallpaper (Timepiece Amethyst) of the Year from Graham & Brown. My favourite mood board that I completed for my Diploma and so far my favourite paper and paint combination - it is beautiful and luxurious.

A bathroom design for my Diploma.

Practising accessory placement.

Testing out some new software on a living room design.

Handmade pebble picture for my sister-in-law.

Trying out the 3D render of some new design software.

Some layout drawing practice.

Perspective drawing and rendering.

Single view perspective drawing.