Interior Design Masters 2022

I submitted an application for the 2021 series but unfortunately I wasn't successful. I refuse to give up so I have submitted another application this year - I hope that now I have a little more experience, I will be considered! Fingers crossed x

Once again I had to submit a portfolio of design work and I had more rel world examples this year.

GALLERY of design submissions.

Below I have added the concepts and thought processes behind each design...

Lounge, Hallway and Dining Room

They were starting over with furniture, but they had already painted and wallpapered the hallway, living room and dining room. It was a neutral colour palette with a splash of colour in the accessories. Layout, style, colour, and furniture: The main focus of the project is sourcing the furniture, accessories and artwork etc for the three spaces. The colour palette is neutral, but they wanted to bring some colour through accessories and soft furnishings. There is a lot of natural light in both rooms and so this needs to be taken advantage of. The wallpaper that had been selected had a neutral background with a grey and ochre leaf pattern. The flooring had been chosen for all three rooms and would be soft oak throughout.  The living area leads into the dining room via double glass doors and has patio doors out to the garden as well as a door to the kitchen and so gets a lot of natural light.  I worked on the project virtually and provided the client with an initial mood board that introduced the colour palette and design style based on her wallpaper choice and design requirements. Once this had been agreed, I worked on two 3D realistic design concepts for the client. Both concepts worked alongside the initial mood board and colour palette, but one used more traditional elements such as oak furniture, and the other used more modern and sleek white gloss furniture. The initial designs were sent to the client, and it was agreed that we would go ahead with the modern, white concept. Over the next couple of weeks, the design was finalised and the completed 3D design, photo-realistic renders, sample boards, shopping list and budget breakdown were sent to the client who was then happy to implement the design in the property at her own pace. The client also asked for advice in regard to shelving placement, artwork placement and other measurements which I then emailed to her. 

Upcycling Projects

1950's Sideboard: A homemade sideboard (potentially 1950’s) with two cupboard and four central drawers. The sideboard was in solid structural condition but needed some cosmetic TLC! 
Colour Palette and Style Choice I had recently ordered a sample of a tropical/geometric wallpaper and wanted to use it. The doors have inset panels and so I decided the wallpaper would be perfect to put onto the front of the sideboard and then use it to line the drawers as well. The hinges and handles would need to be replaced with a gold/brass finish. The exterior of the unit, drawers, doors, and shelves would be painted in navy and inside of the cupboards would be painted in a subtle gold to reflect the wallpaper palette.

Children's Toy Box: My children’s old toy box that was originally built by my dad out of an old wardrobe and hand painted by myself to match the owl theme in the nursery at the time. The original owls were faded, and the box has been stored away and was looking scuffed and tired.  After considering a grey and yellow colour scheme with wooden stars, I decided that I wanted a scheme that would fit in any child’s bedroom or playroom and so I settled on rainbows. After trying several different designs, I chose a stylised stripe and wooden letter design.

Mountain Lodge Hotel

This design came about as part of a challenge set by Foyr Neo. As subscribers to their design software, we were given a challenge to design a romantic Valentine’s themed room to our own specifications. I wanted to try something that I had not done before and so I thought about where I would like to spend Valentine’s Day and I settled on a mountain lodge hotel room. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use design elements that I had never tried before, such as a pitched room with exposed beams and a woodburner stove in the corner of the room. I wanted to add a terrace as well as create warmth through different textures and natural materials. I also wanted to incorporate some elements of Hygge design that I have been researching and studying recently and so I used Hygge and Scandi as my main style influences. Although the pitched roof is quite high, I wanted to create a sense of cosiness and romanticism within the room. The four-poster bed reflects the natural wood of the beams and encloses the bed, which helps to reduce the sense of such a high ceiling. Different textures and layers on the bed invite you in on a cold evening and add depth to the room. This is then continued in the layering of rugs on the floor that are different natural materials as well as in the large floor cushions around the fire. A range of soft seating options are provided, and a basket of extra throws and blankets means you can enjoy the fire as well as venture out onto the terrace. Natural woods are used in the light fittings and furniture to add texture and warmth to the room. A range of layered lighting gives the room a welcoming atmosphere and compliments the glow of the wood burner in the corner. Bedside tables and the chest of drawers provide practical storage for a hotel room and flowers and other decorative items give the room personality and keep the look homely and informal. Large double glass doors lead onto the terrace and provide an uninterrupted view out to the snowy forest beyond. I used sheer curtains as I did not want to take away the natural light and ambience provided by the season. A neutral palette was used, and colour was added through soft furnishings and accessories while the exposed beams and brick provides layers of texture and interest.

Botanical Industrial Kitchen Diner

After seeing this botanical mural, I knew I wanted to be able to incorporate it into a design somewhere. I had spent some time working on a traditional Victorian terrace and wanted to push myself out of my traditional comfort zone and try a design style that I had never really worked with before. I took a floorplan for an existing kitchen-diner and decided to work with an industrial theme with a botanical twist. I wasn’t sure how this would work but I wanted to put my personality into a design style that I wouldn’t normally use! To start with I reconfigured the floorplan and changed over the kitchen and dining space so that I could add full width bi-fold doors to lead out onto the decking and garden. This would then give a beautifully versatile and welcoming space to entertain in summer or winter. I wanted to add industrial influence in the space and so rather than go for traditional tiles in the kitchen backsplash I opted for exposed red brick with a smoky glass panel behind the hob for protection. The kitchen units are a sleek dark grey and I kept everything else very minimal. Open wooden shelves, exposed floorboards and wood and metal spotlights add to the industrial feel of this space. The walls of the kitchen space are painted pale grey so that the units are the main feature of this space. The dark grey of the units is then mirrored in the plain walls of the dining room to make a cohesive feel to the room. I wanted to soften the dining area slightly but keep the industrial theme as the underlying style. The bare brick is continued through to one wall of the dining space whilst the other, longest wall has the botanical mural. The dining table, sideboard and light fittings are all natural woods and metal to reflect the industrial influence and the floor remains the same as in the kitchen. I have kept the artwork simple with geographical and industrial influence and the accessories and plants soften the area and add texture and other natural materials to the space. The rug and colour of the dining chairs mirrors the colours in the mural and adds warmth to the area. The bi-fold doors naturally draw your eye outside and so I did not want to obscure this with any kind of curtain or drape. The outside space compliments the inside, and they flow naturally together.

Neutral Pink Bedroom

The neutral pink bedroom was a design commission for Foyr Neo to use on their inspiration gallery on their website and design software. This design required the submission of a mood board for the bedroom. Once the mood board and colour scheme were approved, I was asked to submit a full bedroom design and 3D renders of the finished room using my own room specifications. Although I have used pink in other designs, I tend to pair it with a contrasting colour and not saturate the room in pink. However, this brief wanted that look and so I chose a pink that would pair well with soft greys and creams. I continued the colour around the door frame and door so it would not be broken up and create an envelope of colour. My main influence here was a soft, feminine style with a contemporary feel to it. I used the artwork on the mood board as a starting point for the colour palette and overall atmosphere of the room. It had to be luxurious, inviting, and peaceful. The accent metal would be a warm, soft gold and this would be used in the furniture hardware, lighting, and accessories. The furniture that I chose has elements of boho in it, with the wicker doors but this helps to break up the pink and add natural textures and layers into the room. This is quite a big space, and I did not want to clutter it too much with furniture but at the same time I wanted to provide practical storage solutions that would enhance the space. I have added a dressing table as well as a comfy armchair in a contrasting grey velvet. I wanted to create a feature behind the bed and move away from traditional headboards and bedside tables. To draw the eye immediately to the bed, the headboard has become the full width of the back wall and serves as a display space for art and accessories. Layered lighting has been added with the use of a feature ceiling light, multi-arm floor lamp and task lighting on the headboard. Pattern is introduced into the room with the use of grey and pink curtains, bed linen and antique distressed rug. Stripped floorboards, foliage, candlelight, natural textures, soft greys and coordinating artwork complete the look.

Victorian Terrace Lounge

This final design concept is a true passion project that I have worked on with the intention of putting this into practice when we move away from military housing into our own Victorian terrace property. This style of property has always been a favourite of mine and I love the traditional elements of these houses such as ceiling roses and fireplaces. The history and heritage of these houses is what gives them their charm and elegance but they have so much potential to create beautiful and elegant living spaces without compromising their character. This space is my dream! I took inspiration on the colour palette from a wallpaper sample that I had ordered but decided not to use the wallpaper in this space as I felt it was too busy and I wanted to add colour and pattern through the soft furnishing, gallery wall and accessories rather than dominate the space with wallpaper. The wall colour is broken up with contrasting coving, a gallery wall and shelving.I wanted elements of maximalism, botanical and traditional design styles in this space and I love to combine different themes and styles to create spaces with a wow factor. The colour combination in this room plays well with the original features and heritage of this style of property and the large bay window floods this room with natural light and so it can take on varying darker colours and a mix of patterns. It was important to me to keep elements such as the chimney and floorboards but give it a more contemporary twist with a more modern fireplace. Solid oak mantel and built in alcove storage mean warm and organic elements are continued througout whilst remaining true to the original features of the room. The bay window has been dressed with a deep velvet curtain as well as blinds so that the natural light does not have to be blocked completely in exchange for privacy. It is important to me to have plenty of foliage in a room and there is a mix of large floor plants and feature trailing plants on the shelving. The sofas and coffee table are own existing furniture as I wanted to create a space that I felt we could realistically achieve. The floorplan was taken from a property that we had been interested in previously. I wanted this to be as real as possible. I am a lover of candles, decorative accessories and art and wanted to reflect this in the décor choices as much as I could. I wanted this to be first and foremost a family friendly space for myself, husband and two children.