Inspiration and Philosophy

1. Initial Consultation
My starting point with a new design will always be to study the brief or have a really good, in-depth conversation with you as the client about what you want to achieve from the design. This will include you basic requirements, the use of the space, your lifestyle requirements or work needs as well as your colour and style preferences and importantly the budget and timescale.

2. Design Choices
The style and personality of the house, building or space will always play a prominent part in my design choices and ideas. It is important to me to work with the space and the architecture of a building as well as with you, the client, to decide on what features to keep, enhance or hide effectively without compromising the integrity of the property or the final design. It is essential that the design incorporates all the practicalities required for its purpose but remains an aesthetically pleasing environments and one which fulfils the brief.

3. Working with You
As part of my role as the designer, I feel it is extremely important to listen to your requirements, whilst helping you to visualise a range of other ideas and possibilities that you may not have considered before. I will clearly present my own vision for the space or property and explain these choices clearly whilst being open to feedback to ensure the best possible outcome. I like to present a well organised mood board with the initial design choices so that you have a clear picture of what I am delivering. I always like to try to incorporate as many physical samples as possible so that the colours and textures are true to the finished piece and that it is a more tactile and satisfying way of choosing design elements for you as well as myself. Every step of the way will be clearly communicated with you and I will work with you to achieve your dream outcome.

4. Inspiration
After the initial consultation or submission of a brief there is usually one element or design style that I pick up on and this becomes the focus of my initial concept and mood board. This could be a piece of art, an ornament or souvenir, a photo, or an image that you have taken from a magazine or even a memory or holiday that has been mentioned by you. This will be my starting point. From there I will delve into those colours or themes, using physical samples from my own collection of wallpaper, fabric, tiles, and flooring as well as print and digital mediums to build up a colour palette and style. A lot of my inspiration comes from the physical building, its history, purpose, and natural surroundings. I like to use and mix together natural materials, colour, and pattern in my designs whilst incorporating the natural stone, exposed brick, and beams that may be present in the space. All these things will become interwoven in my design. I like to keep up with the latest interior design trends and although this will have some influence on the design outcome, it won’t be all about the latest fad. I like to add elements of these trends into my designs but not let it be the dominant force.