Botanical Industrial

Soften the edges of industrial styles with botanicals, natural light and bring outside in!

I wanted to push myself out of the comfort of designing modern traditional Victorian terraces and so took on an open plan concept and paired this with a softened industrial style. I wanted the kitchen to stay true to the original concept of industrial by using bare brick, minimal decoration, reclaimed timber, industrial spotlights and a mix of metals. However, when I moved into the dining area, I wanted to soften the edges slightly and so continued with the basic colour palette and the bare brick but introduced a botanical mural, warmer colours and foliage. The lighting in the dining room remains true to the industrial style, as does the furniture and reclaimed oak flooring. The bi-fold doors take up the end wall and mean that the botanical theme is reflected through to the garden, essentially extending this room outside. Softer, warmer colours are reflected in the rug, lampshade and use of art and candles to create a beautiful space for entertaining both in summer and winter. As I have somewhat mastered the art of adding gardens to my designs, and in this case it was an essential part of the inspiration for the dining room, I have added a decked seating area, raised beds and awning to this design.